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    About Project

    The project brings together all VET key players to work together on EU-level to resolve the identified problems in the tourism and hospitality sector related to skills forecasting and improving labour force quality. It creates a bridge for sustainable cooperation between the world of work represented by employers´ associations involved, decision makers, VET providers and schools and VET-oriented research institutions on complementary manner.

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    In Bratislava, Slovakia, on 15 October 2015 the Final Joint Event of th EU.EM.NET project will take place. It will have two parts - in the morning the Conference Employers Engagement in Future Skills will take place, and in the afternoon, the participants will have the opportunity to experience the International Future Skills Workshop, one of the main results of the project. Please see the Invitation.

    Registration is open untill 14.10.2015. Please register via email to ebalazovicova@rrasenec-pezinok.sk.

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    The main product will be a wide network of stakeholders, both employers and training providers, in the tourism and hospitality sector working together on the basis of a new Core Methodology developed within the project.

  • To see the progress in achieveing our main result  - the up-to-date partial products delivered by the EU.EM.NET partners, please visit our Downloads section.

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