About Project

EU.EM.NET brings together all the key players in Vocational Education and Training (VET) to work together at the EU-level to resolve  identified problems in the tourism and hospitality sector related to skills forecasting and improving labour force quality. It creates a bridge for sustainable co-operation between the world of work (represented by the employers´ associations involved), the world of education (represented by VET providers and schools), decision-makers and VET-oriented research institutions.

The project aims to
design a European systematic approach for the engagement of employers to anticipate skills requirements and support quality assurance in VET, through bringing key actors into one EU.EM.NET network. The EU.EM.NET project incorporates in its own operation the need for the effective and efficient engagement of employers in the overall process of detection of the  new skills required to support the competitiveness and  future development of the tourism and hospitality sector. The impact envisaged has a  twofold perspective: first, on identified target groups (employers´ associations & SMEs, trades unions, policy makers, VET providers, employment services, VET schools), all of whom are represented and involved in the project implementation: secondly, on the systems of skills forecasting at EU-level in the tourism and hospitality industry. The Network is open to new participants over the medium and long-term perspective to extend its perspectives through other relevant stakeholders.

EU.EM.NET is focused on
the following objectives:
•    raising awareness of the necessity of employers´ engagement in the process of addressing skills anticipation requirements ;
•    developing a core methodology and quality indicators for the engagement of employers with reference to the EQARFVET;
•    testing and ensuring  valorisation of the core methodology within the established network;
•    creating a ‘Road Map’ to respond to the identified skills requirements;
•    establishing a European network -EU.EM.NET -and preparing a set of measures for its sustainability.

The objectives have been designed to align with specific and identified needs and problems faced by the sector when dealing with the employers´ role and  tasks in the process.